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database design

How to Gather and Analyse Requirements for Your Business’s Software Project

Most businesses come up with great ideas. Ways to Grow Revenue, Manage Costs or Increase efficiencies. Sometimes (well most of the time if you ask us) these ideas are best implemented as software solutions. The issue is how do you, as a business owner or stakeholder, start putting together the requirements for such a project? We've had people come to us and ask how they start this process. When building a new software system, gathering ...
database design

Best Practices for allowing access to your business databases

At Intuitive IT, we have an in-house development team. Some of our clients have their own developers, and we need to ensure that when we give access to 3rd party developers, we do it securely and according to best practices. This is becoming more, and more of an issue as data breaches are using weaknesses in 3rd party's systems to reach their targets. As a business, ensuring that your databases are secure and protected from ...
intutive it understands first

How much does it cost to upgrade DNN?

Upgrading to the latest version of DNN can be daunting for medium-sized businesses, but it is a crucial step in growing revenue for your organisation. DNN, or DotNetNuke, is a powerful web content management system that can help your business create and manage a professional website. Still, without regular updates, it can become vulnerable to security risks and may no longer function optimally. This blog post will discuss the process and approximate cost of upgrading ...