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Intuitive has the skills to develop sites of any size, from ongoing maintenance duties to the implementation of complicated sites.

Intuitive IT builds web applications
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More than just a website

Websites are great if you want to advertise your business. But you want more than for your business, right? You want your website to make your business money.

Our team have a track record of building calculators, lead generators, customisations to CRM systems, Investment portfolio tracking systems and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you have an idea we can find the best way to bring it to life.


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intutive it understands first

Understand first. Build second.

Building a successful application is only part technical. The first step is to understand what your business is trying to achieve. Once we've established your goals, we transform them into bite-size pieces of functionality written in plain English. These are called user stories.

These user stories are the bridge between your business and the developers who will ultimately bring your web application to life.

The stories also make sure we are all aligned on what is required to make your website a success.

Regular demos

During the life of the project, we will regularly demo our latest work. Doing this can constantly ensure your vision is being met by our team. This lets you see how things are progressing and gives you comfort in the process.

What happens if there's a misalignment? Well, good thing we caught it early. Now we can realign and get to work getting the web application you were after.



Testing and bug fixing

We use a combination of automated testing and human testing to make sure the site is working as it should.

Automated testing is great for ensuring the "behind the scenes" code is doing what it should.

Human testing is great for picking up issues that might be experienced by your customer.

Will you need to test too? Yes, people from your team will also need to test to ensure your expectations are met too. Your feedback during testing is critical to successful Web Application build.

Security and Protection

When building your website, we will ensure the code is protected against known threats that could compromise your application.

We take data security and privacy seriously. Data breaches now require mandatory reporting and you want to have the peace of mind knowing what you have built will protect you and your business from distractions and issues around such requirements.

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Launching your site

After all the meetings, the testing and copy change your site is ready to go. We'll organise a plan for the launch which will give you the smoothest possible experience.

That could be a phased launch or a hard cutover. Whatever suits your business needs we can make it work.

We'll ensure your analytics are working and that you can track the progress of all your new visitors, who will soon be your new customers.

Ready for the next phase

The initial launch of the application is only the start, not the end. You will have more ideas. Your customers will come to you with new feature requests. Regulations will change and security will need to be upgraded.

Your web application needs to be constantly changing and growing to stay relevant.

We will build your site so that future additions can be possible. We expect changes so we build the application with this in mind.

This means your site is agile and can be changed when required. This ultimately saves your business both time and money.


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Intuitive IT builds web applications

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