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Intuitive IT builds web applications
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Why use Intuitive IT to build your software?

Understand your needs

In order to minimise your risk and maximise your return on investment, we make sure to understand your business and objectives thoroughly prior to suggesting a solution.

The right solution

We will ensure that the technology we employ is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business, be it mobile apps, web applications, or integrations, so that you can derive maximum value from your investment.

Improve processes to save time

Our objective is to work in collaboration with you to design pragmatic tools that can bring about improvements, reduce costs, and yield benefits for your business.

intutive it understands first

Understand first. Build second.

Creating an effective business application involves more than just technical expertise. The initial step is understanding your business objectives. Once we have a clear understanding of your goals, we break them down into easily manageable pieces of functionality, which are expressed in simple language and referred to as user stories.

These user stories serve as a conduit between your business and the developers who will ultimately bring your software to life. Additionally, the stories guarantee that everyone is in agreement regarding the steps needed to ensure the success of your website.

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You are 3 steps away from your ultimate, custom built, business solution

We can build your business system to help your business grow revenue and reach all its business goals.

Regular demos

Throughout the duration of the project, we will conduct regular demonstrations of our latest work. This allows us to ensure that your vision is being realised by our team and provides you with a clear view of the project's progress, instilling confidence in the process.

In the event of a misalignment, we can rectify it promptly since it was identified early on. This way, we can get back on track and work towards delivering the software you envisioned.


Testing and bug fixing

Our testing process comprises a blend of automated and human testing to guarantee that the site is functioning as intended.

Automated testing is effective in verifying that the underlying code is performing as expected.

Human testing is useful in identifying any issues that customers might experience while using the site.

Would your team also need to test the site? Yes, members of your team will also be required to test the site to ensure that your expectations are being met. Your feedback during the testing phase is crucial to the successful development of the web application.

We work with a range of technologies

Frequently, we work with multiple services in a particular area because each option provides a distinct solution that may be more appropriate for one client than another. Here are some of services and technologies we have worked with


Microsoft .NET

Microsoft 365



Zoom Phone





Microsoft Azure



Big Commerce


...many more

Security and Protection

When developing your software, we will implement measures to safeguard the code against known threats that could jeopardise the security of your data.

We prioritise data security and privacy and take it very seriously. With mandatory reporting requirements for data breaches, you want to be confident that what we build will shield you and your business from any distractions or issues associated with such requirements.

website application launch

Launching your software

After all the meetings, testing, and copy changes, your software will be ready for launch. We will organise a launch plan that is tailored to your business needs, providing you with the smoothest possible experience. Whether it's a phased launch or a hard cutover, we will make it work.

We will also ensure that your analytics are functioning correctly so that you can monitor the progress of all your new visitors, who will soon become your valued customers.

Ready for the next phase

The initial launch of the application is just the beginning, not the end. You will have more ideas, and your customers will come to you with new feature requests. Regulations will change, and security will require upgrades.

Your software must be adaptable and continuously evolving to remain relevant.

We will construct your site in a manner that allows for future additions to be made. We anticipate changes and design the application accordingly.

This ensures that your site is agile and can be modified as needed, ultimately saving your business both time and money.

product iteration

STOP! Make sure your IT partner is not off-shoring the work

You will be tempted to use an offshore developer to build your software. The price alone will make it sounds very appealing.

There are a few reasons why if you are an Australian-based business why you should work with a local provider

  1. Work with a development company that understands the nuances of running a business in Australia
  2. Work with a company that is in the same timezone as you. This will become critical when there's an issue and you need support immediately
  3. Work with a company where their developers can demonstrate critical thinking
  4. Work with a company whose first and only answer isn't to appease you, but help you make the right decision for your business

Even if your contact is based locally and it's the developers that are offshore, they can't help when a technical issue is at hand.

Intuitive IT builds web applications

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